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Remote Access Sign On - Notification and Information

PIV Authentication Update: Use your PIV card to connect to EPA's network. First time PIV card users need to make sure they select the correct certificate - click the link for more information: Using PIV card authentication. If you experience issues using your PIV card, click the link for further assistance PIV authentication help or contact the EPA Help Desk.

OTP Authentication Update: If you use One Time Password (OTP) to connect to EPA's network, beginning April 30, new identity and security requirements will limit options for receiving a password (4-digit registration code) to an SMS/Text via an EPA-issued or personal cellular phone. Receiving your password (4-digit registration code) by Email or Voice will no longer be an option. As a result, in order to access EPA's network using OTP authentication, you must have a cellular phone registered with OTP. Click the link for more information: Using OTP authentication

Setup and Installation: The EPA Remote Access service provides secure access for EPA employees and contractors. To use, the appropriate registrations and login IDs must have already been created. Click the link for information about using and setting up the Pulse Secure VPN client:
Remote Access Setup and Installation Instructions.

The Microsoft Edge browser is not currently supported for remote access. Internet Explorer 11 is the recommended browser.

EPA Remote Access Sign On Options

Connect to EPA Workplace using Pulse Secure VPN client and EPA PIV authentication.

Connect to EPA Workplace using Pulse Secure VPN client and One Time Password (OTP).

Connect to EPA Workplace Proxy using OTP Users who are having trouble signing in through the Pulse Secure VPN client or who are using a device that is not compatible with the VPN should sign in using the Workplace Proxy clientless connection.

Password Help : https://pss.epa.gov

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